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      Where can I use RaiderVision?

      RaiderVision is commonly used on building sites to protect valuable assets and help secure scaffolding. It is used on either new build jobs or renovation projects. If you've got a vacant property or a Grade 1 listed building that needs securing, RaiderVision can help. Likewise, if you need a extra capacity in your factory or yard, RaiderVision can provide a virtual lock up. Caravan and car dealerships can also secure their assets using RaiderVision, particularly on larger sites with limited access to power. RaiderVision works fantastically in fields which means it been used to protect festivals and events, farm equipment, and for estate management.

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        British Steel Closes Order Book Due To High Demand

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        This week, the UK’s main steel supplier – and the country’s only supplier of structural steel sections – sent a letter to customers informing them that new orders are on halt, in a new development on the UK construction materials shortage.

        In a letter titled ‘Notification of extreme demand and capacity constraints’, British Steel informed contractors and stockholders that, ‘due to extreme high demand impacting on capacity levels’, they will be temporarily closing their order book.

        The news comes as another blow to the construction industry, where the materials shortage has resulted in many projects being delayed or postponed. Furthermore, the shortage has seen prices of construction materials, such as timber roof tiles and roofing membranes, soar to unprecedented heights; according to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), the overall cost of materials for new housing was 6.7% higher in January 2021 than in January 2020. Other types of construction material have risen 5.2% in cost since 2020. Particle board, in January 2021, was 16.9% more expensive than the year before; gravel, sand and aggregates come in at a 19.2% price increase; and imported plywood has risen a whopping 23.7% in cost since 2020.

        Now, with steel production coming to a complete stop, contractors are sure to feel the effects by the end of 2021. British Steel have committed to fulfilling their backlog of orders, so we may not know the full impact of the production standstill for some months. It is likely to cause acute disruption to new projects.

        British Steel’s decision to halt production is in keeping with the forecast provided by John Newcomb, CEO of the Builders Merchants Federation and Peter Caplehorn, CEO of the Construction Products Association in a joint construction product availability statement published by the Construction Leadership Council. They prevised that steel products would suffer continued shortages into the second half of 2021. It is important, therefore, to consider their other projections, which identify (along with the aforementioned materials) weaknesses in construction supplies of the following types: PE and PP plastics; PIR insulation; paints; adhesives and other coatings; and packaging for other product groups. Newcomb and Caplehorn concede that supply of timber is not likely to improve in 2021, as there is very little new timber coming into the UK. The Timber Trade Federation (TTF) also expects that timber supply shortages will continue 'certainly into Q2 2021, if not longer'. Newcomb and Caplehorn do expect, however, for the availability of roofing products to improve in the second half of 2021.

        With so many factors at play, from interruptions to global supply chains and a limited capacity to fulfil demand in the UK, the materials shortage is likely to be a continuing issue in the construction industry this year. At RaiderVision, we are interested in your thoughts on this. Take part in our survey for a chance to win a £200 Amazon voucher. 

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        Now that scarcity has seen the value of materials skyrocket, if you do not have protection on your site, the risk that theft poses to your project cannot be understated. Check out our ten tips to keep your site safe or get in touch to find out how the RaiderVision system can help protect property and reduce crime.