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      Where can I use RaiderVision?

      RaiderVision is commonly used on building sites to protect valuable assets and help secure scaffolding. It is used on either new build jobs or renovation projects. If you've got a vacant property or a Grade 1 listed building that needs securing, RaiderVision can help. Likewise, if you need a extra capacity in your factory or yard, RaiderVision can provide a virtual lock up. Caravan and car dealerships can also secure their assets using RaiderVision, particularly on larger sites with limited access to power. RaiderVision works fantastically in fields which means it been used to protect festivals and events, farm equipment, and for estate management.

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        How Do Intruders Get Onto Building Sites? [Access Points]

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        With theft costing the construction industry over £800 million per year, and the theft of construction plant (including excavators, compressors and even cranes) amounting to over £70 million in 2017, the threat that intruders pose to your site cannot be understated. Plant, tools, and equipment can entice thieves to your site, and, if you do not properly deter them, end up costing you a lot of money, as well as causing delays to your project. But how do intruders actually get onto building sites in the first place? Here’s the 3 main ways an intruder accesses your construction site.

        Climbing, Scaling or Jumping

        Anything that can be climbed, scaled or jumped over by a thief, without security measures in place, will be. Perimeter fencing, scaffolds, rooves and windows from adjoining or neighbouring buildings, the list goes on.

        The HSE recommends that you consider climbers in your site assessment, and ensure that no structures back onto others, making them easy to climb from one to another. Using a security system and signposting it appropriately will also deter intruders from attempting to enter your site. Make sure your fence is appropriately weighed down, with sturdy fencing clips and flat-sided hoardings, to make climbing as difficult and unattractive as possible (and to avoid any Health & Safety headaches!).


        Intruders will often scope out a site before attempting a break-in, paying close attention to hiding places and areas with little to no lighting. Low-lit areas, shrubbery, foliage, and behind tall structures such as scaffolds and walls are all places an intruder might hide to avoid detection.

        To make it as difficult as possible for intruders to hide on your construction site, ensure you keep all areas well-lit. Protect areas of low visibility (behind walls, near scaffolds, around thick shrubbery) with a video-enabled temporary security system with proper accreditation. 

        The Same Way You Do

        By that, we mean, simply walking through the gate. So many sites do not have any security measures installed that thieves will literally walk straight on site with no trouble at all. Some sites do not even have controlled entry and exit systems, meaning intruders could potentially walk onto site while staff are still there!

        The solution to this issue, of course, is to have a controlled entry and exit system so that you know who is meant to be on site at any given time. Keep an eye out for unfamiliar faces loitering around your site. Signpost your security measures to ward off would-be thieves.


        With the recovery rate of plant machinery at just 9% in the UK (to put this into perspective, motor vehicles are recovered 50-60% of the time), you’ll want to make deterring thieves on your building site a priority. Protect your project with 24/7 SSAIB-certified security today.

        Want to learn more about using the RaiderVision security solution to protect your building site? Check out our construction site security page.